Dive into iOS Development

If you are no where near to iOS development but it has always been on your to do list, this might be the time. To get started with iOS development you need Apple hardware like Mac, MacBook and iPhone but if you don’t have any of it, you can still start learning iOS development. You can install a virtual machine on top of any windows based machine and test your apps on iOS simulator (that comes with Apple’s IDE xcode). There has always been confusion on how to really get started and people have different options like YouTube, Udemy or Bootcamps. What I did was to join hackingwithswift.com and complete 100 days of swift challenge. This challenge has great explanations of some basic concepts of Swift and video series is just awesome. Unlike other great courses, this is totally free and has a great community. If you are about to start learning, start with 100DaysOfSwift by Paul Hudson on hackingwithswift.com.

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